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How to Save Your Relationship, Even If You are the Only One Working On It

Relationships are partnerships, but in many cases, only one partner is willing to put in the work needed to keep their relationship strong and healthy. Marriages do break down over time, but this is not always a reason to get divorced. Sure, we are all going to hit rocky patches once in a while. But, […]

How to Save a Marriage, Even if You Think All is Lost

At the beginning of every marriage is a sacred promise – to love and cherish your spouse, and to create something beautiful out of life together. You walked down the aisle full of faith and conviction that this was the person you were going to spend your life with. There was a sense of confidence. […]

Relationship Advice for Women: What You Need to Know to Save Your Marriage

As the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. But, just because a relationship involves two people, it is not always both parties who are working on that relationship. Any relationship can break down after a while if you are not taking steps to prevent it, but there are ways that it can be […]

How to Save a Relationship When You Still Love Each Other but Can’t Get Along

Just because a couple is having a rocky period, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is over and that they have to go their separate ways. In fact, it is often the rocky periods that show just how strong a relationship can be when two people work together. The problem that a lot of […]

How to Fix a Broken Marriage, Even If You Think It Is Beyond Repair

On your wedding day, you were filled with excitement about the future. Now, the future is here, and that excitement is gone, and what was once a beautiful relationship has all but completely fizzled out. You don’t do things together like you once did. You no longer communicate well with each other. Sex is almost […]